Interested in Joining the Research Group?

Prospective Graduate Students

Dr. Cukrowicz will be seeking to admit one new graduate student into her research group in the fall semester of 2015. Dr. Cukrowicz is especially interested in students who have research experience related to depression or suicide, and will be prioritizing admission of a student with an interest in late-life suicide or suicide in rural communities. As a graduate student in this research group, you will have the opportunity to learn about establishing a research program, conducting studies that build upon each other to advance an area of knowledge, and integrating information gained from research endeavors and clinical practice. There will be many opportunities to publish study results and present research findings at national and international conferences. If you would like to discuss your interest in joining Dr. Cukrowicz’s research group with her, please email her at

Undergraduate Research Assistants

The Suicide and Depression Research Program periodically accepts undergraduate research assistants as openings become available. Dr. Cukrowicz is looking for undergraduates who are interested in gaining experience with clinical research. Assistance is typically needed with participant recruitment, entering data, and administrative tasks such as making copies. Dr. Cukrowicz requires a two-semester commitment. In addition, following the first semester of work with us, students are often given opportunities to interact more directly with clinical populations (if possible). Exceptional undergraduate students may have the opportunity to assist in designing studies and presenting results at scientific meetings or through academic publications. If you would like to discuss your interest in joining Dr. Cukrowicz’s research group, please email